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Fee-Waived Courses

What is a fee-waived course? Eligible students will not be charged tuition for the course, usually courtesy of a grant-funded program.

Are books included? Books for fee-waived students will sometimes be included. If books are included, they will be delivered on the first day of class unless otherwise noted. On the listing below, courses include books for eligible fee-waived students unless otherwise indicated.

Am I eligible to take a fee-waived course? Eligibility for registration in a fee-waived course will require that the pre-requisites for the course are met, and that the student be an Alabama-resident public sector emergency responder. Courses may also have specific requirements for eligibility. To determine your eligibility for a particular fee-waived course, call 1(800)241-2467.

How do I register for a fee-waived course? To register for a fee-waived course, you must call 1(800)241-2467. Below, you will find a listing of all fee-waived courses currently being offered, with an accompanying link to the course description page for information specific to the course, such as pre-requisites, description, and required equipment.

I'm an out-of-state student, can I take a fee-waived course?
Students who are residents outside of Alabama may register for a fee-waived course that is held at the AFC Main Campus or Regional Training Center, however, the student will be charged the out-of-state rate and will be responsible for acquiring the required textbooks for the course. Out-of-state students are not eligible to attend field delivery courses.

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