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What does this partnership mean for my educational career?
The University of West Alabama and the Alabama Fire College are partners to provide firefighters and emergency medical services personnel college credit for training completed at the Fire College toward a bachelor of science in technology degree from UWA. This degree is offered both on–campus and online at UWA.

The first of its type in Alabama, this agreement allows students who obtain specialized training from the Alabama Fire College in fire services and EMS to transfer 32 to 42 hours of credit toward the B.S. in Technology degree program at the University of West Alabama. Associate and Master’s degrees are planned for the future.

Prospective students also can submit academic credit for consideration from an accredited two-year fire services or emergency medical services program.

Prospective students from high school through experienced fire or emergency services personnel will be able to earn a degree in order to enhance their career opportunities and increase their compensation.

Additional Information on the Partnership

What courses can I transfer to UWA? To review a list of transferable courses, click here.

UWA Bachelor of Science in Technology Curriculum Guides:

Fire Science Curriculum Guide [Excel] [PDF]
Emergency Medical Services Curriculum Guide [Excel] [PDF]
Emergency Medical Technology Curriculum Guide [Excel] [PDF]

How do I apply? For an application, visit the UWA website.

For additional information on the degree program, or assistance with transferring training credit from the Alabama Fire College or from an accredited two-year fire services or emergency medical services program, please contact:

Office of Admissions and Enrollment Management
UWA Station 4
Livingston, AL 35470
Alabama Fire College and Personnel Standards Commission | 2501 Phoenix Dr - Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35405 | Toll Free: 1 (800) 241-2467 - Fax: 205-391-3757