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Leadership Development and Decision Making: Firefighter


The Leadership Development and Decision Making (LDDM): Chief Officer course provides an entirely new approach to learning and professional development. LDDM instructors introduce each topic with foundational material and immerse the students in the topic through highly interactive small group discussions, ethical, and moral discussion groups/decision games, tactical decision games, sand table exercises/discussions, and practical application exercises. Through the Socratic teaching style the instructor facilitates interaction and challenges each of the students to reach outside of their comfort zone through discovery learning, rather than the classic lecture and direction format. The LDDM Program is designed to be a career-comprehensive fire service leadership development/decision-making training and education continuum that has consistent themes, priorities, and lines of education in order to institutionalize the highest-quality leadership in the fire service. Training is provided for three standard fire service levels; firefighter, fire officer, and chief officer. Each level within the LDDM Program provides relevant opportunities for development, which are specific to their rank across seven common Lines of Education (LOE).

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Hours   40
Course Cost   $ 225 In-State     $ 425 Out-Of-State     Field Course – Contact host department regarding cost

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Required Text - NA

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