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Beginning Jan 1, 2013 there will be two types of classes as listed below.

There will be some changes as necessitated by standard updates, review process et al.

This will replace the “tier” system.

Departmental Delivery
classes that can be delivered at any fire department in the State of Alabama provided that approval has occurred and all qualifiers have been met.

  1. Apparatus Operator: Pumper
  2. Apparatus Operator: Aerial
  3. Apparatus Operator: Mobile Water Supply
  4. Certified Volunteer Fire Fighter
  5. Fire Fighter II
  6. Fire Inspector I - Instructors must have met the AFC Train-the-Trainer qualifications
  7. Fire Instructor I
  8. Fire Instructor II
  9. Fire Officer I
  10. Fire Officer II
  11. Hazardous Materials Awareness & Operations
  12. Hazardous Materials Technician
  13. Rapid Intervention Crews
  14. RT: Rope I - Instructors must have met the AFC Train the Trainer qualifications
  15. Fire Department Safety Officer: Health & Safety
  16. Fire Department Safety Officer: Incident Safety Officer

Campus Delivery  – classes that are delivered either at the Alabama Fire College or a RTC or other area as approved by the Regional Coordinator and Training staff at AFC.

  1. Fire Investigator
  2. Public Safety Telecommunicator I/II
  3. RT: Confined Space I/II
  4. RT: Trench I/II
  5. RT: Vehicle and Machinery I/II
  6. RT: Rope II
  7. RT: Structural Collapse I/II
  8. RT: Surface Water I/II
  9. RT: Swift Water I/II
  10. Airport Fire Fighter
  11. Alabama Smoke Diver
  12. Apparatus Operator: ARFF
  13. Fire Inspector II
  14. Fire Inspector III
  15. Fire Instructor III
  16. Fire Officer III
  17. Fire Officer IV
  18. Hazardous Materials Incident Commander
  19. Fire Fighter I/II (where self-sponsored students are accommodated and bridge classes)
  20. Public Information Officer
  21. Marine Fire Fighter I
  22. RT: Cave I/II
  23. RT: Dive I/II
  24. Fire Brigade (all levels)
  25. Public Fire and Life Safety Educator I
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