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Reinstate Fire Fighter I certification (Recertification)

(For training meeting NFPA 1001 - Level I )
(previously employed certified Fire Fighter I individuals)

To view the Alabama Administrative Code requirements regarding Fire Fighter I Certification Expiration, Chief Requirements and Requirements for Recertification upon Re-entry into the Fire Service, see link below:

Alabama Administrative Code Reference:


For Individuals re-entering the fire service:

The employing Fire Chief/Chief Officer must submit the employment documentation as per AL Administrative Code:

  1. Notice of Employment
  2. Verification of previous Alabama Fire Fighter I certification
  3. Physical Statement
  4. Current successful CPAT
  5. Certification in Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operation (see below for more information)



The Certification/Testing Office will review the individual’s record to verify individual’s current status.


The Chief Officer will be notified in writing by the Certification/Testing Office if the individual requires the Recertification course to reinstate the Fire Fighter I certification.  

For Recertification, the individual will be required to successfully complete the Fire Fighter I Recertification course to include:

Challenge Exam:

  • Fire Fighter I Challenge Exam - 75 questions.
    • Questions are validated to the current Instructional Manual and the current textbook, IFSTA’s, Essentials of Fire Fighting and Fire Department Operations, 6th edition.
  • Skills (JPR) Exam – 2 randomly selected Individual Skills Sheets
    • Two randomly selected skills are pulled by the AFC Certification/Testing Division for testing at the end of the course.



  • An Individual that was certified to Fire Fighter I prior to 2009 and is not currently Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations certified is eligible for a Challenge exam for HMAO.
  • If the individual is actively engaged in an approved postsecondary degree program in Fire Science or closely related subject or a certificate or degree program in Emergency Medical Services the expiration can be deferred.
  • Reinstatement of the Fire Fighter I certification shall reinstate any certifications expired under this provision. 

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