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A message from the Executive Director, Allan Rice:

by Allan Rice | Oct 25, 2016

It is with mixed emotions that I share with you my decision to step away from Alabama Fire College after nine years of service. I have accepted the position of City Administrator with the City of Hoover and will begin these duties in the coming weeks. I am extremely honored and humbled about this new challenge, and I’m excited by the opportunity to return to the city that first took a chance on me over 24 years ago.

The fire service has provided me with a career, personal fulfillment, and so many friendships for the past 24 years. There are no better people than the career and volunteer firefighters in the State of Alabama and in our nation. It has just been such an honor to be part of it all.

Likewise, it has been an extreme privilege to work alongside the men and women of the Alabama Fire College. This is a special group of people who are fully dedicated to serving those who serve others. That will never change! The members of the Personnel Standards Commission will ensure that there is a well-planned transition and that the continuing commitment of the Fire College is fulfilled going forward.


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