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New Propane Simulator Ready to Roll

by David Thornburg | Aug 03, 2016

The Alabama Fire College has taken delivery of our latest mobile prop, a state-of-the-art propane simulator.  This will allow the firefighter to understand the complexities of fighting a fire that is fueled by propane and specifically at remote locations, such as residential, business and in agricultural settings.

Region 4 Coordinator, Rudy Rooks, states that “large areas of his region are rural and propane is one of the most frequently used methods for heating water and homes as well supporting the poultry industry”.  This prop can be utilized in different ways to include an 8-hour delivery with 4 hours of classroom and then hands-on skills work, or as a refresher that takes only 4 hours and helps the firefighter to remember the skills already learned.  Region 5 Coordinator Jeff Roberts, commented that “in addition to the use of the propane prop there are added benefits such as simple refresher training on the use of personal protective equipment and self-contained breathing apparatus while this training is occurring”.  This training also requires great communications and coordinated efforts of the members of a local fire department.  Proper techniques concerning the use of fire streams are also emphasized. 

This prop has been constructed by the City of Athens, Alabama and their Gas Department.  Steve Carter is a long time member of the Gas Department and is also a longtime volunteer firefighter.  He is the chief builder of this prop and calls on his expertise in both his full-time job and his full-time passion to help ensure that firefighters across the State of Alabama are trained how to safely and efficiently respond to and handle Propane Emergencies.  The prop is trailer towed to fire departments around the state upon request and availability. Anyone interested should contact their regional coordinator (click on this link to see who he is and his contact information) and he will assist with the scheduling.  

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